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Measurement Services - Thermosolar

Aries has the following measuring equipment to perform the activities described in sections Maintenance and Technical assistance disclosed in Thermosolar Sector:

  • VIBXPERT II (Prüftechnik) with OMNITREND.
  • Electronic Inclinometer Clino Bevel.

Aries can provide its customers the from Thermosolar industry improved results along with tracking of their centrifugal pumps.

The use of this equipment provides very satisfactory results which guarantee the quality of the work of Aries with results such as:

  • Preventive maintenance with regular measurements of both vibration and tilt of vertical pumps.
  • Improved design and functionality.


VibXpert II Prüftechnik (Software: Omnitrend)

Aries has a VIBXPERT II machine to perform vibration spectra very useful for the analysis of any rotating equipment without the need to remove or disassemble to check its wear parts.

 This equipment is used in predictive maintenance of pumps in solar thermal plants. Vibrational spectra are performed and the results are analyzed to determine the overall condition of the pumps.


VibXpert II Prüftechnik



VibXpert II

Espectro de vibraciones

Espectro de vibraciones


Electronic Inclinometer Clino Bevel

Aries owns an electronic inclinometer ClinoBevel to measure and control periodically aligning vertical centrifugal pumps for solar thermal plants, particularly useful in large pumps and multi-axis length.

The compact, rugged enclosure containing the sensor tilt, specially developed microprocessor, the processing elements and the output connector. The ClinoBevel has an area of ± 45 degrees (field calibration = ± 50 degrees)

Clino Bevel