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  • Pressure reduction stations of high pressure air.
  • Gas turbine starting air.
  • Ball, butterfly and gate valves manual or remote operation.



  • RAST and ASIST helicopter handling system for landing, secure and transverse to the hangar.
  • MANTIS: aircraft handling system on deck.
  • Horizon reference system, which allows helicopter landing in low visibility conditions, bad sea conditions and night operations.
  • Telescopic helicopter hangars.
  • Hangar doors. Blast nuclear protection.
  • Variable depth sonar handling system.


  • Centrifugal pumps military specifications.
  • Positive displacements pumps military specifications.
  • Underway replenishment at sea Systems.
  • Aircraft elevator for aircraft carriers.
  • Steering gears for combattant ships.
  • Ammunition and weaponry handling systems.
  • RIB: system for auxiliary crafts recovery.
  • Anchor windlass for combattant ships.
  • Radar shield side doors.
  • Degaussing systems.
  • Fire dampers A-60 and ventilation and HVAC fitting.
  • Galley ventilation system. Self-cleaning extractor hoods, UV technology.
  • Cabin ventilation system.
  • Central vacuum cleaning system for ships (PUZAIR).
  • Tanks level and depth sounding gauges-sensors.
  • Tank level switches.
  • Hydraulic or electro-hydraulic valves actuators.
Logo Becker BECKER
  • Conventional and high-lift rudders.
Logo Foure Lagadec FOURE-LAGADEC
  • Antiroll folding and not folding fin stabilisers.
Logo Bronswerk BRONSWERK
  • HVAC system.
Logo Aries ARIES
  • NATO certified Safety boxes.