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Production Engineering


Aries develops different projects of production engineering within the Naval sector.

Technical Installation Document in which are defined and specified all processes involved with the work to be performed (equipments, systems, others), that, for their entity, complexity or responsibility, need a detailed analysis before the installation.  It describes and details the successive phases of the assembly of Systems/Equipments, explaining in a sequential way all the tasks to be done in each phase.

This document provides information about:

  • Affected centres, information and work orders.
  • Sequence of works, specific tools.
  • Installation details, control sheets.


Document of reference for the movements and transfer of each intermediate product. It is a live document, with an important quantity of changes. It defines:

  • The design and calculation of the blocks maneuver.
  • The viability of transfer, movements and loading.
  • The construction details and the arrangement of the manoeuvre’s elements.


Document generated from detailed engineering, with all the necessary information and support to carry out the works included in the production contract. It is a design’s “filter”, previous to the manufacturing and the installation. Work Orders integrate and support the control of the work; they enable to generate the workplaces’ monitoring and control reports. Consist of:

  • List of components.
  • List of materials.
  • List of operations.


Notebooks of the Construction Strategy are a guide for the construction process that must be the reference for the construction’s operative planning. They provide an integrated vision of the intermediate product, the identification of significant elements and define which works have to be done for the intermediate product, when and where.

Documents of the Construction Strategy are mainly and generally composed by the following points:

  • General information about the block.
  • General details and arrangement.
  • Construction process and pre-equipping.
  • Specific files of the block under study.
  • Impact of maneuvering elements during pre-equipping.
  • Previous ideas about conditioned by joints works.
  • General instructions and processes to coordinate the tasks.