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Measurement Services - Aeronautical

Thanks to the owning of these high precision measurements equipment:

  • Laser tracker FARO ION with Spatial Analyzer.
  • Vishay Weighting cells.

Aries can provide to its customers improved results with real-time monitoring of its facilities and equipment.

The use of this equipment provides very satisfactory results which guarantee the quality of the work of Aries with results such as:

  • Preventive maintenance with real time monitoring.
  • Settings of accuracy.
  • Improvements in the design and functionality.


Laser Tracker FARO ION (software: Spatial Analyzer)

Aries Works with high-precision measurement equipment FARO ION for the measures of high dimension tools in order to verify and approve these parts requested by the customer, using Spatial Analyzer software from Kinematics Rivers.

FARO ION Laser Tracker    FARO ION Laser Tracker
Spatial Analyzer    Spatial Analyzer

Laser Tracker FARO ION


Vishay Weighting Cells

Cells weighing 5000Kg load capacity each, allows our customer to know the final weight of large parts manufactured according to drawings and their centre of gravity for air transport.

Vishay precision group    Vishay Weighting Cells

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