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Customers Facilities Maintenance

To perform these maintenance (predictive, preventive, conductive, corrective and normative-legal) and tasks Aries in collaboration with ATES 2003, has trained staff for tasks like mechanical, electric, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics. More detailed for:

  • Advanced and standard welding and surface treatments.
  • Vacuum and leak tests.
  • Measuring services.
  • Technical consultancy
  • Assembly and maintenance of electric, combustion and automotive motors; and, ability to solve their specific common faults.
  • Electrical installations and repairs at low voltage.
  • PLC programming and electronic repairs.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.




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Customers Facilities Maintenance References

Maintenance works for Airbus

  • Preventive, conductive and corrective maintenance of the Harbor Ramp.
  • Maintenance for A380 transport jigs: HTP,CBF, Containers.
  • Maintenance for transport vehicle: Nicolas MPV-70 (multi - shaft vehicle with electro- hydraulic driver).
  • Maintenance of two trailers with a Portable triphasic diesel genset installed (30KVA) each one..

To ensure complete tracking of maintenance operations of the transport jigs, Aries checks the status of the equipment from arrival (Check-List at arrival), to departure (Check-List at departure), including detailed reports of the kind of maintenance performed preventive mechanical, electro preventive, corrective, conductive, etc.) and spare parts management (control of stock and suppliers).